Settle in Abroad

Eduzone Consulting Company helps people who wish to settle in abroad by providing immigration visa services and job assistance in their dream country.Our Mission is to motivate and inspire all current and future clients in attempting to secure their future with their employment and with our individual teams-centric focus, experience and planned approach; so that their desirable outcomes are attained. More..

How to Get a Job in Abroad

 In Overseas they want a candidate who has already filed his application in the respective field of intrest. For example in canada there is a Express Entry System to apply for a JOB. Because, they can’t offer a job to someone from other country if he doesn’t have a Permanent Residency in Overseas, or they will have to take approval of LMIA....

PR visas along with JOB Assistance

Eduzone provides you quality of services to get a permanent residency from the interested countries and also we do have seperate team to rewrite your resume as per international standards.

Work in Abroad

If adventure beckons but you don't want to step out of the job market, working abroad could be the life-changing experience you need. Find More..

Study in Abroad

Education in Overseas is more reasonable than most other different places as compared to other places in India. They offer an exclusive pack of valuable More..

Visit Abroad

However, the reality is that except for small number of countries (like U.S & U.K), it is just like going from one state to another in India. Many countries consider More..

Get a Work Permit in EU

There are many contries providing a job seeker visas and work permit visas in European Union. For example: Germany gives you job seeker visa for six months More..